v1.0.1 : Booster Pack Update!

v1.0.1 : Booster Pack Update!

Firstly, I just want to say thanks to everyone who has been playing Rogue Sentry! It's seriously so awesome to have finally launched my first proper game and have so many nice comments and helpful feedback. I want to be the best developer that I can, so feel free to get in touch on twitter @itsMaple, or send an email to support@mapledev.net if you have any issues, feedback, or suggestions, or just want to chat!

Now, a few of you have asked about Mac and Steam... I can't make any promises about Mac until I give it a go, but I can say that I will be able to have some time with a Mac soon and see if I can make any sense of it. So it's not a yes, but also not a no. I'll keep you posted. :>

Regarding Steam, I just got my store page approved! Feel free to wishlist Rogue Sentry on Steam if you'd like to support the Steam launch! Keep in mind that Rogue Sentry is available right here right now, too! Your support is much appreciated.


v1.0.1 is primarily bug fixes, including some behind the scenes stuff, but there is a couple of quality of life updates, too. The most noticeable difference will probably be that there is now a big fat "v1.0.1" on the settings menu, but I promise there's more going on! Here's the full changelog:

  • Fixed occasional game crash when leaving the boss battle early.
  • Fixed file widget displaying incorrectly when generators < humans.
  • Fixed occasional room clear issues with the boss room.
  • Fixed shooting on unpause with gamepad.
  • Fixed that dying without a save file respawns you in the middle of the room.
  • Fixed extras cutscene viewer displaying incorrect text.
  • Fixed humans occasional incorrect anim when standing still.
  • Moved project to GMS2 (hence the smaller file size).
  • Added Steam achievements! (Foreshadowing...)
  • Fixed softlock potential in keyboard and controller config settings;
    • Esc and Enter now not accepted configurable inputs.
    • Opposite actions now not mappable to the same key.
  • Now removes projectiles from the screen on Generator and boss death.
  • Now removes new unlock menu sparkles upon menu view, rather than open/play of the unlock.
  • Added version info to the settings menu.
  • Now starts in windowed mode and applies the fullscreen setting during init.

That's it!

Thanks for reading my first itch.io devlog. Hit me up if you have any feedback, and if you haven't already: check out Rogue Sentry! I'd like to hear your thoughts. :>


Josh from Mapledev


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Mar 14, 2021

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