v1.3.0 : Celebrating One Year! OST + Japanese

Wow, it's already been a year since I released Rogue Sentry to Itch. Time flies!

In addition to a version update, I have also uploaded the original soundtrack in XM, WAV and MP3 formats, for all of your authentichigh fidelity, and portable needs. I hope you'll download and enjoy the songs you may not have gotten to hear in the game.


  • Added Ghosts to the cast credits.
  • Added language options to the settings.
  • Added Japanese as a language option.

Thanks for all of the support you've shown me. It means a lot and makes a real difference to me, however small and invaluable. It is and has been a long and slow process, but I will continue to create. You can follow me for updates, hound me, and contact me @itsMaple. I am still accepting bug reports however, including via support@mapledev.net.

I hope you're having fun and playing (/making) some cool games out there. Take care and stay true. Happy One Year!



rogue_sentry_v1-3-0.zip (New!) 77 MB
Feb 01, 2022
soundtrack_mp3.zip (New!) 30 MB
Feb 01, 2022
soundtrack_wav.zip (New!) 220 MB
Feb 01, 2022
soundtrack_xm.zip (New!) 3 MB
Feb 01, 2022

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