v1.1.1 : Controller Compatibility Update!

Thanks to everyone who has been playing and enjoying Rogue Sentry! It's been really cool to engage with the community and see content pop up around the web. I've put together a small update to address some issues that you discovered - most notably non-Xbox controller button remapping and Steam screenshot functionality:


  • Fixed inability to change button mappings for non-Xbox controllers.
  • Fixed typos: Romour -> Rumour, Is it -> It is, implimented -> implemented, self-distruct -> self-destruct.
  • Fixed Sentry Droid detecting player through seams in wall.
  • Fixed bad laser placement in North-West Quarter.
  • Fixed Turret heart not dropping if previously picked up.
  • Fixed 1-3 human Guard room continuity error.
  • Added ability to share screenshots via Steam.

I'll continue to fix issues over time. If you spot anything odd, please let me know. You can do this in many ways, such as emailing support@mapledev.net or posting a comment. I'm also active on Twitter @itsMaple.

Stay safe, stay cool, and I'll catch you next time!

- Josh

P.S. Are you fast? Watch speedruns and submit your own at https://www.speedrun.com/rogue_sentry :)


rogue_sentry_v1-1-1.zip 76 MB
May 27, 2021

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controllers are weird on my PC, so I'm curious if you have any interest in implementing a keyboard + mouse mode? I recognize it'd probably be helpful exclusively to me, but I figured it doesnt hurt to ask


Hey Bryce, thanks for the suggestion. I haven't given keyboard+mouse serious thought yet, but it's an interesting idea... If a few more people want it, I'll probably lock it in. Stay tuned.


Mouse controls enabled in v1.2.0. Thanks for the tip. :)